Saturday, December 24, 2011

S.C.I. Now rockin' the Canon 60D

Since 1984 I have been a Canon user, actually started with a Pentax K1000 in school but my ownership has been loyally Canon. I used and abused the Canon AE-1 Program for close to 20 years.

It got me thru high school. It got me thru college. It got me sporadically thru the Nineties and into the new millennium. I was slow to adopt the digital age and even reluctant at times. I was tempered in film and chemicals. Long story shortened I broke down and in the beginning of 2004 I bought a Canon D300.

 The Rebel was a nice camera to launch myself into the digital age but I soon realized that I would need something more professional. A year later I bought the 20D.

 The 20 D had been a favorite of mine thru out the years. Other models came soon after. The ill fated 30D (a mild evolution of the 20D.), 40D & 50D. Although the technology and styles were becoming superior to my 20D I stuck strong, mostly due to finances which in hind sight was a good thing. 6 years after my purchase of the 20D, while on a shoot, the mirror mechanism failed. After researching the repair cost I came to the conclusion that it was time to put it on the shelf next to my 35MM SLR hall of Fame.

Welcome.... The Canon 60D

I feel a bit premature writing this because I yet have to play with all of the functions yet but I feel safe saying that I will be hard pressed to find any flaws that are worth complaining about on a regular basis.
The camera was  lighter (755g) than the 20D (770g) that I had become accustomed to and I was now looking for SD cards as opposed to CF. Also the battery that the 60D takes is a Lithium-Ion LP-E6 (as opposed to the Lithium-Ion BP-511A) which is not a setback but I now have 3 back up batteries that need to replace.
 The huge display on the rear is IMAX compared to the tiny screen on the 20D (3.0" vs 1.8", around 70% larger) . The ISO has been booted up to 6400, and image resolution...18MPx as opposed to the 8.2 that the 20D had offered.
On top of that I now have the capability to shoot HD video. Now I am not saying that I am the best videographer out there. Not by a long shot. And it seems that as much as I wanted video cameras in the past I never could get out there and purchase one. I was always torn between price and which recording format to chose.  I had seen Digital8, MiniDV, DVD, Hard disk drive direct to disk recording, &  Flash memory . The high degree of the camera I chose becoming obsolete was enough to nix my spending. So I am very excited to try my hand in video.

Yes, coming into the new year with a new rig is going to be exciting. I've been scouring the web for DIY projects and processing techniques. Now the only thing left to do is save up for a new Mac that can handle my recent upgraded equipment, so do your part.... Hire me!!!

Happy New Year from
SkyCrab Images